Wireless hotspot prepaid authentication and Wireless Access Controllers

Coconet Wireless Hotspot Solutions

NET Seven Networks enables wireless solution providers around the globe to offer low cost, commercial-grade hotspot solutions to a wide range of hospitality and service industry clientele. Discover the benefits of our service and how you can offer your customers more options at a lower cost.

Coconet Hosted RADIUS Authentication and Billing System:
A low-cost, web-managed authentication system for wireless hotspots used in hotels, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and WISPs. Charge users for access offering hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly accounts. No onsite hardware, management, or maintenance means lower cost and less trouble. Use your web browser to manage multiple hotspot operators and generate your own prepaid cards.

Wireless Access Controller Solutions:
A wide variety of access gateways can be used with Coconet. Two general requirements for gateways used in hotspot environments are Captive Portal and RADIUS capabilities. Captive Portal automatically directs the user to a login page after opening their browser, and the RADIUS protocol is used to communicate with the authentication server and verify login credentials.

IT Services in Thailand

IT Services in Thailand

Internet Solutions:
An unbiased guide to Internet connections in Southern Thailand with information that some ISPs never tell you about. ADSL, Satellite, GPRS, and WiFi solutions. What to do if you don't have a phone line.

Network Solutions:
Customized network solutions for businesses, hotels, large corporations, and Telecom/ISPs. Increase productivity and communication, attract new customers and enhance your business's reputation.

Security Solutions:
Securely access your network from anywhere in the world. Remotely monitor your offic with network surveillance cameras. Stop and remove viruses before they reach your computers. Filter out unwanted spam. Prevent hackers from getting inside your network.

Website Maintenance:
Give your website a new look and feel. Change colors, add new pictures, modify the text, create new pages and remove the outdated ones.

Sales / Products:
Great deals on desktops, notebooks, routers, wireless, printers, accessories, and more.

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